LB Fitness Private Client Registration

Thank you for your interest in my VIP program. You are eligible to enroll in my exclusive on-going monthly program if you have completed 2 rounds of the FWTFL.

Who is the VIP program designed for?

  • You’ve completed 2 rounds of the FWTFL, and believe in the strategies of the program
  • You are ready to maintain your FWTFL results OR you have additional fat you want to lose
  • You are looking for on-going accountability and support from like-minded ladies
  • You want this to be the LAST TIME you start your fitness journey over. Lets maintain those hard earned results!
  • You are looking for an affordable way to obtain CUSTOM programming

What does my VIP investment of $39/month include?

    • Monthly workout plan – updated each month with NEW content created by a certified personal trainer
    • On-going accountability, support, and coaching in a VIP only Facebook community group
    • Bonus workouts for trouble areas – abs, legs, booty
    • Weekly workout plans which can be completed at the gym or at home
    • Affordable pricing! This program will cost less than one workout class per week!
    • I want to help you maintain your FWTFL results for the long term! LET’S DO THIS!