How to I kicked guilt to the curb with the FASTer Way!

How many times have you felt guilty for over indulging on the weekend or missing workouts? I know I have! Way more often than I would like to admit. This is one of the many ways the FWTFL has changed my life. I no longer feel guilt for any of these things!

I have gained food freedom – I feel in control of what I eat. I am confident that I know how to properly fuel my body to for optimal performance, and I actually ENJOY what I’m eating each day. I strategically indulge in treats – guilt free. Through the FWTFL we create room for discretionary calories, fun foods, and even cocktails. #legsforliquor anyone??? We earn our discretionary calories by lifting heavy on leg day. This doesn’t mean we go off the rails with an entire cheat day, but it provides the freedom to indulge in foods you truly love without losing momentum in the program.  This strategy works incredibly well. So well that the FWTFL is truly a program that you can maintain as a lifestyle for the long term.

I have learned to give myself permission to rest and freedom to scale back on workouts! We have learned that insane work outs 5-6 days per week actually cause several negative side effects on our bodies. Our workouts are quick, strategic, challenging, and fun. We workout 5x’s per week and rest 2x’s per week. And the results are still incredible. I’m working out less than I have in years, and enjoying it more than ever before.

I don’t feel guilty when I cannot follow the program exactly as prescribed because we teach schedule freedom. I used to completely fall off the wagon when I couldn’t follow a day or two exactly perfect. It’s ok to be flexible and switch days around to accommodate your schedule with the FWTFL. In fact, it’s highly encouraged.

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Scientifically Proven Benefits of Short Term Fasting

Our bodies are in one of two states, fasted or fed. When you allow your body to enter into a fasted state several things happen. Your body initiates important cellular repair processes and changes hormone levels to make accessing stored fat easier.

Blood insulin levels drop significantly which allow our bodies to begin to dip into our stored fat as a fuel source. Human Growth Hormone levels increase. HGH helps preserve and protect muscle tissue and promote fat burning. The body also begins important cellular repair which normally would not occur during a fed state, such as removing harmful waste from cells.

Lower insulin levels, higher growth hormone levels and increased amounts of norepinephrine  all help increase the breakdown of body fat and facilitate its use for fuel. We know that this combination helps our bodies increase it’s metabolic rate and burn calories more efficiently.

Intermittent fasting is a proven eating strategy, and the foundation of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss. This strategy has helped many women in my program have bodies and energy levels they could have never dreamed of!




Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

During the FASTer Way To Fat Loss we strategically incorporate carb cycling into our eating cycle. I truly believe strategic carb cycling has helped dramatically change my physical appearance. I love collecting low carb meal ideas, and thought I would share this favorite with you below. The macro and calorie count is included at the bottom. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!!

(Yields 4-6 servings)
8 oz thinly sliced roast beef
8 slices provolone cheese
2 large green bell peppers
1 medium sweet onion
1 (6oz) package baby bella mushrooms
2 tablespoons grass fed butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon minced garlic

Set oven to 400 F.
Slice peppers in half lengthwise, remove ribs and seeds.
Slice onions and mushrooms. Saute over medium heat with butter, olive
oil, minced garlic, and a dash of salt/pepper. Saute until onions and
mushrooms are caramelized (25-30 mins.).
Slice roast beef into thin strips and add to the onion/mushroom mixture.
Allow to cook 5-10 minutes.
Line the inside of each better with a slice of provolone cheese. Fill each
pepper with meat mixture until they are full. Top each better with another
slice of provolone cheese.
Bake for 15-20 minutes until the cheese on top is golden brown.

Macro Count per Serving (recipe yields 4-6servings)
8.5g Net Carbs/36g Fat/27g Protein/ 458 Calories

What my clients are saying about their FWTFL experiences!

Check out Sarah’s incredible results in less than 2 weeks! This woman is a crazy busy mama to 4 littles PLUS she’s a lactation consultant PLUS health coach! She’s rockin’ the FWTFL and these are her results less than 2 weeks in! I can’t wait for her end result. I already told her that I cannot be held responsible for baby #5! HA!

sarah lang 2 weeks.jpg

Read below for quotes from my other ladies that are LOVING the program:

“This program is a life game changer. No more counting calories in minus exercise trying to get to negative calorie intake (next to impossible). This is a true lifestyle that fits into my very busy work-home life beautifully. Completely flexible, easy to follow at home workouts with true support from others just like me — mommas, worker bees, strong hidden within women!”

“I love this program because of the constant encouragement! And realistic expectations!”

“Biggest win was not seeing Wednesday as a loss, but an opportunity to embrace the flexibility of this program! You girls rock!”

“I am just starting my second week of The FASTer Way to Fat Loss and it continues to be seriously the BEST investment I have ever made in myself. Ladies, this program is NOT a crash diet, it is NOT endless hours in the gym, it is NOT the level of insanity that (if you’re anything like me) you have reached before in order to lose weight. I’m not here to push this on anybody, because this program is NOT about that. It is about being ready when you have reached the point of enough is ENOUGH. She will be there. One of the best things about this group is that I am one of 34 women- all ages, shapes, sizes, activity levels, lifestyles, and schedules. In a world where women are constantly cutting down or judging other women, this is a haven a women empowering each other,staying accountable and sharing their journeys. It’s not easy, and having that community is necessary. Plus I have laughed some LAUGHS with some of the posts I’ve read! I’ll end my rant soon! I have a long way to go- no progress pic yet, sorry! So far, I have 2 weeks under my belt of sleeping better, feeling more energized, improved complexion, not to mention some #’s and inches lost! If you’ve found your “why” (make sure it’s for YOU), and you’re ready to work your butt off….”

“Biggest win was noticing my clothes fitting better, in fact I had to keep pulling my pants up yesterday. I love how quickly I’m seeing results with this program. Last year I was working out 5 days a week (2 days with a personal trainer) and I wasn’t seeing results this quick!! Getting enough food in is still a work in progress.”

Are you making these common fat loss mistakes?

Are you working out and eating clean, but not seeing the results you would expect? If so, you are not alone. I was eating clean 85% of the time and workout out 6-7x’s per week, but my body wasn’t changing. There is a good chance that two key components could be hindering your progress.

  1. You are not getting enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces cortisol which makes your body hold onto extra fat! Specifically in the midsection – YUCK! Your blood sugar levels will also remain elevated as a result of a lack of sleep. I don’t know about you, but whenever I don’t sleep well I always find myself feeling hungry and wanting to eat more than usual the next day. This is a recipe for disaster. Lack of sleep can also cause your thyroid hormone levels to be out of whack. All of these scenarios cause your body to hang on to the fat you are trying to shed.
  2. You are not eating enough! I spend a significant amount of time re-wiring my client’s brains when it comes to eating. It is absolutely imperative to consume enough calories for fat loss. Your body will not let go to a single ounce of fat if you are not eating enough. Trust me, it’s science. For years we’ve been told to eat fewer and fewer calories and spend hours performing arduous cardio for weight loss. Initially you will lose weight, but you will be losing both fat AND muscle. Eventually your body will hit a plateau and find itself in starvation mode. In order to turn your body into a fat burning machine you must eat enough calories, the right kind of foods, at the right time. This is exactly what we focus on with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss.

If you are looking to have a lean, toned body eating a small amount of calories won’t get you there. It’s time to follow the RIGHT program to help you find your best body. I would love to teach you how to eat more, workout less, and LOOK YOUR BEST! Don’t miss your chance to grab a spot in my next boot camp starting on July 10th. CLICK HERE to register. I would be honored to be your coach!

Who is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Right For?

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss is ideal for the busy, modern woman that wants to look and feel her very best in order to give her best to her family, friends, job, and in life. The better you feel about yourself, the more empowered you will feel to share your purpose with the world. You will shed fat and build lean muscle, but what you will gain will change your life. You will gain a knowledge about how to properly fuel your body for optimum performance, and how to workout effectively to see results FAST. You will also gain an inner strength and confidence that you might have never known was hiding inside you! Welcome to your new LIFESTYLE! I love it.

If you are looking to increasePhoto May 09, 11 46 53 AM your energy levels, build strength, and look lean this program is for you! Through our cutting edge workouts, strategic food cycle, intermittent fasting, and carb cycling the FWTFL will transform your physique.



If you’ve felt guilt for slipping up in the past this program is for you. We focus on progress over perfection. I will be your personal cheerleader every step of the way. We will celebrate your victories large and small. You will leave this program happier because you feel great, look great, have a new found confidence, and a positive mindset.

This program is for you if you are willing to try something that goes against everything we’ve ever been taught about weight loss and fitness. We don’t promote 6 small meals a day, hours of tedious cardio, or a strict meal plan. We are SMARTer than that these days. This program uses CUTTING EDGE strategies. Lets break away from traditional, and try something fresh and new!

What’s the worst that could happen in our 7 weeks together? There is no way you will leave me worse off than you came. Take a leap of faith, I can promise you won’t regret it!

My next boot camp will kick off with prep week on July 10th and I would be honored to be your coach! Please visit my REGISTRATION page if you are ready to change your life!

Low Carb Taco Casserole Recipe

During the FASTer Way To Fat Loss we strategically incorporate carb cycling into our eating cycle. I truly believe strategic carb cycling has helped dramatically change my physical appearance. I love collecting low carb meal ideas, and thought I would share this favorite with you below. The macro and calorie count is included at the bottom. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!!

(Yields 2 servings)

Olive Oil cooking spray
8oz lean ground beef
1/4 cup chopped red onion
1 tsp chopped garlic
1/2 can of Rotel tomatoes, drained
1-2 tsp Low sodium taco seasoning
1 oz full fat cream cheese
2 eggs, beaten
2 Tbsp heavy cream
1/8 cup salsa
1/3 cup full fat shredded Mexican cheese blend

Chopped, jarred jalapeños
Chopped tomato


Set oven to 350 F.
With a little cooking spray in the pan, brown the ground beef with taco
seasoning, onion and garlic. There should not be much fat to drain. Add in
full fat cream cheese and Rotel tomatoes. Pour into baking dish that has
been sprayed with cooking spray. Beat 2 eggs and add in the heavy cream
and salsa. Pour over the top of the ground beef mixture. Top with
shredded cheese and bake for 30 mins or until eggs are set. Garnish with
jalapeños and tomatoes!
Macro Count per Serving (recipe yields 2 servings)
14g Carbs/29g Fat/35g Protein/469 Calories