About Me

Hi! I am Lindsey Bush. I am a wife and mama to one (so far!). I am here because I am passionately pursuing my mission to empower women to become the best version of themselves through fitness and nutrition.

I have literally tried every shake, fix, diet plan on the planet only to have quick results, and even quicker failure. I have wasted thousands of dollars through this yo-yo process! I want to help you avoid the same mistake!

The plans/fixes I tried were not sustainable. It was after this diet circus that I went on a personal mission to find a program that could become a sustainable lifestyle. Here’s where I found Amanda Tress and the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program. I absolutely would not share or promote something I don’t truly believe in. If you are looking for lasting results, this is your program. You will have to work hard and your goals must remain stronger than your excuses, but if you commit the FWTFL will change your life! I would be honored to have you as my client.