How to I kicked guilt to the curb with the FASTer Way!

How many times have you felt guilty for over indulging on the weekend or missing workouts? I know I have! Way more often than I would like to admit. This is one of the many ways the FWTFL has changed my life. I no longer feel guilt for any of these things!

I have gained food freedom – I feel in control of what I eat. I am confident that I know how to properly fuel my body to for optimal performance, and I actually ENJOY what I’m eating each day. I strategically indulge in treats – guilt free. Through the FWTFL we create room for discretionary calories, fun foods, and even cocktails. #legsforliquor anyone??? We earn our discretionary calories by lifting heavy on leg day. This doesn’t mean we go off the rails with an entire cheat day, but it provides the freedom to indulge in foods you truly love without losing momentum in the program.  This strategy works incredibly well. So well that the FWTFL is truly a program that you can maintain as a lifestyle for the long term.

I have learned to give myself permission to rest and freedom to scale back on workouts! We have learned that insane work outs 5-6 days per week actually cause several negative side effects on our bodies. Our workouts are quick, strategic, challenging, and fun. We workout 5x’s per week and rest 2x’s per week. And the results are still incredible. I’m working out less than I have in years, and enjoying it more than ever before.

I don’t feel guilty when I cannot follow the program exactly as prescribed because we teach schedule freedom. I used to completely fall off the wagon when I couldn’t follow a day or two exactly perfect. It’s ok to be flexible and switch days around to accommodate your schedule with the FWTFL. In fact, it’s highly encouraged.

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