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Are you at a point in your life where you know you want to make positive changes in your overall wellness, but life is TOO overwhelming?

  • With all of my daily responsibilities – work, kids, family, home – I don’t have time or energy to even think about me, let alone how I take care of myself or what I eat! I’m just trying to keep all of the plates spinning.

  • With all of my past failed dieting attempts, I AM OVER IT! All of the fad diets and exercise plans have me overwhelmed. I’m just ready to throw up my hands. Carb-free, fat-free, meat-free, vegan, paleo, whole 30, gluten-free, dairy-free, shakes, wraps, 7 minute abs, keto diet – I just want to be ‘free’ from all the confusion and feel great now! Someone PLEASE make this easier!

  • If I can just stick to this super-restrictive diet until I lose weight, then I can go back to living and having fun.

What if someone who’s been there, done that could help make this process CUSTOM to your needs, manageable for you and hold you accountable every step of the way?

I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to muck through the muddy waters in my quest to be the healthiest version of myself, and show up in my daily life in a way that I can be proud of! I am finally the energetic, lighter and healthier woman/wife/mom/entrepreneur that I wanted to be for so long. When I say I’ve tried it all I wish (and my bank account wishes) I was lying. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars and so much time trying to find the silver bullet.

I’ve coached over 300 women and two things have become very clear:

  1. A one size fits all approach works in SOME situations, but many women need and desire a custom tailored program to meet them where they’re at in life.

  2. It all starts with mindset. If we are not approaching an overall wellness transformation in the right frame of mind it will be difficult, and will not stick for the long haul.

I believe that total wellness is achieved through targeted mindset/lifestyle/fitness/nutrition work. I will use my experience of working with over 200 women to give you the coaching, resources and mentoring to begin transforming these specific areas of your life based on your unique situation.


  • Lifestyle journal included – start your new journaling ritual
  • Conquering your limiting beliefs
  • Love yourself NOW
  • Visualizing your new life
  • Set your new intentions
  • Affirming your new believes and goals
  • Gain mental ease around “dieting”


  • Clearing out what no longer serves you in life
  • Determine what drains you of your precious energy
  • Create a morning and nighttime routine that will facilitate your ability to show up as your ideal version of yourself
  • Managing social situations while working towards your fitness and nutrition goals


  • Get moving to feel your best
  • Guidance to find a fitness program that meets your needs and accomplishes your goals
  • Learn to enjoy the process of working out
  • Modifications as needed to meet your current fitness level


  • Clarity around how to lose weight AND enjoy life
  • Fuel your body with whole foods
  • Banish emotional eating for good
  • Guidance around constructing meals that will boost your energy

12 Week Program 

$997 in full (Save $203 – official launch pricing is $1,197 as of July 1 so grab your discounted spot NOW!)

3 monthly payments of $400

6 Week Program 

$600 in full (Save $200 if paying in full)

3 monthly payments of $266

  • Welcome kit for you to fill out upon enrolment, so that we can get to the good stuff in our first session!
  • 90-minute strategy session to review your current situation + set your  6 or 12 week goals
  • Customized nutrition & lifestyle plan, which we’ll test + tweak throughout
  • 5 or 11 x 45-minute weekly coaching sessions to review progress, navigate roadblocks and tweak your plan as necessary (by phone or Zoom)
  • Fitness on the Fly ($27 value)
  • Meal/Snack Resources ($100 value)
  • Lifestyle Journal ($97 value)
  • Weekly food diary review via email (optional)
  • Email support between sessions – I’m here for you!
  • Recommended reading